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            1. "Three remote" control system

              Product description :

              Hot-line : 0514-86821471 / 0514-86821467

              Product details

              The automatic three remote (remote control, telemetry, remote communication) control system has all the functions of the automatic type, and has the computer communication interface. It can communicate with the upper computer to realize unattended. According to the user's requirements, RS232 can be directly connected, RS232 can be converted to RS485 remote communication, or modem modme telephone network can be used for unlimited distance communication.

              Tel : 0514-86821471


              Fax : 0514-86824567

              E-mail : info@yzhddl.com

              Add : No.19 Xilin Road, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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